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Residential and Commercial

The cleanliness of your residence and facilities are very important for you, your workers as well as your clients. Hiring a janitorial service will keep your home and property looking exceptionally clean and sanitized. All products used in our cleaning process are EPA registered. 


Here at FPG, we are ready to provide you with a custom cleaning schedule to meet your needs. We will prioritize and focus on what’s most important to you.

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Move-in / Move-out cleaning

Post construction cleaning

FPG offers move-in/move-out cleaning services to ensure that a new home is left in pristine condition for the new residents. They also offer post-construction cleaning services to clean up after renovation or new construction projects, ensuring the newly constructed or renovated areas of the home are left in perfect condition. Their professional cleaners will handle the cleanup so you can focus on enjoying your new space.

Residential Janitorial services:


Commercial Janitorial services:

Housekeeping, Custodial and Porters

Event Cleaning

Emergency Management Services

Disinfection and Sanitation

Post Construction Cleaning (3 phases - Rough, Final & Touch Up)

FPG offers commercial janitorial services such as housekeeping, custodial and porters, event cleaning, post-construction cleaning, emergency management services, disinfection and sanitation. These services aim to keep your facility clean and safe.

Keep Your Business Running Clean

Let Florida Preferred Group create the right cleaning plan for you.
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